ES Defense

Cyber, intelligence and influence operations

professional code

Our code of practice is the backbone of our modus operandi. Our principles exemplify our loyalty and duty to our customers and employees.

Code of Professional Practice

ES-Defense has formulated a Code of Practice for its employees and collaborators. The code brings together the industry’s best practices. All ES-Defense employees are expected to read it and abide by it.

Our Code of Practice has been formulated in the belief that our services and the people involved in it should adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.


We are always honest, fair, impartial, and unbiased as we collect, report, analyze, and disseminate information. We are true to the law and report wrongdoing if it is encountered. Professionals protect their sources and methods, and they disclose both corruption and questionable activities pursuant to law, rule, regulation, and executive order.


We perform our duties in a manner that fosters a culture of excellence and high quality in everything we do. Our work ethic reflects this goal.


Creativity is the cornerstone of problem-solving. History and tradition are not substituting for innovative thought processes. We recognize the value in the indirect approach and the pitfalls of linear thinking


We believe in an open and healthy relationship with our customers. To obtain a valuable product, a reciprocal agreement is required. We see ourselves as our clients’ confidants, and firmly believe that we can achieve our goals only through complete co-operation with, and the trust of, our clients.

Conflict of Interest

We prohibit actual or perceived conflicts of interest that interfere with the interests of the firm, or that make it difficult for our people to perform their work objectively and effectively. ES Defense is committed to delivering objective, independent, and unbiased advice and assistance to clients. When we find ourselves in situations that either intersect with or impact ES Defense business or our ability to perform our job, we properly disclose this conflict to our job or career managers and cease our activities when required or deemed appropriate, or institute mitigation measures.