ES Defense

Cyber, intelligence and influence operations


You may not have complete control over whether a cyberattack happens to you, but you can control how your organization plans for, responds to, and recovers from these incidents.

There is no doubt that prevention remains one of the best cures for cyberattacks. However, that is only one part of the puzzle. Cyber criminals and threat actors' tactics continue to evolve at a rapid pace, implying that cyberattacks remain a real possibility for all organizations.


Our Intelligence specialists provide intelligence and geopolitical risk analysis to individuals, multinational corporations and governments worldwide. Our aim is to help our clients navigate the complex and uncertain global, 24/7 digital world, enabling them to understand and manage their risk exposure and ensure their operational resilience.

Trained in advanced intelligence exploitation and research techniques, our team uses its specialist knowledge of geopolitics, sectors and regions to identify political, reputational, commercial and security risks.

This knowledge combination helps us provide all-important context around global activity, from elections to protests, making it possible to turn nuance and insight into actionable client strategy.

Our services include lots of capabilities, the main ones – in a broader spectrum of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) capabilities:

  • Virtual HUMINT (Human Intelligence)
  • Semantic Analysis
  • Deep Web Capabilities
  • Link Analysis
  • Target profiling
  • Trend Discovery


There is no doubt that prevention remains one of the best cures for cyberattacks. However, it is only one part of the puzzle. The tactics used by cyber criminals and threat actors continue to evolve at pace, meaning that cyberattacks remain a real possibility for all organisations. You may not have complete control over whether a cyberattack happens to you, but you can control how your organization plans for, responds to, and recovers from these incidents.

Our cyber threat-centric approach helps to quickly identify and prioritize cyber vulnerabilities to implement a resilient defense. Managing cyber risk thresholds promotes improved organizational readiness. With a unique perspective born from supporting Operational Technology (OT) solutions across markets, we provide a hands-on, mission-focused approach to OT security. Our cutting-edge approach enables broad visibility and secures OT.

We secure the intersection of cyber and physical platforms. Our approach enables resilience and provides insights into Positioning, Navigation, Timing-based threats using digital twins, threat modeling, and hardware emulation. Our approach leverages expertise in reverse engineering, data analytics, advanced algorithmic warfare solutions, and more.


We provide training and advice to governments to improve intelligence and security capabilities and contribute to better national security policies to combat 21st Century threats.

Our training team has operational experience drawn from a variety of government and security agencies, military, special forces and law enforcement, so we deliver high-quality and practical training with real-world examples to enrich the experience. Working with trainers who know the difficulties, constraints and pressures of working in the field provides learners with insights to the industry.

Our training portfolios include source handling, operational security and trade craft, surveillance, analysis, interview skills, and strategic leadership skills.

Open Source Intelligence (Osint)

We train the basics of deductive analysis – including associated software – and advanced training in inductive reasoning so analysts are better equipped to predict events. We help you find the best balance of intelligence techniques, combining traditional and modern methods to help you get the most from information gathering.

Social media intelligence analysis

Every day, millions of interactions happen on social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These interactions, including the sharing of propaganda and injection of polarizing narratives, can provide valuable insight—if you know where to look and how to understand them in context.

Open-source intelligence analysis

There is a wealth of information available from open sources, but locating and extracting it can prove difficult and time-consuming due to the sheer volume of data available. By employing focused collection and analysis techniques, effectively obtained information can support any number of business objectives.

Cyber threat intelligence analysis

Once cyber threat information has been collected, evaluated in the context of its source and reliability, and analyzed by those with substantive expertise, it becomes actionable cyber threat intelligence.

Government/Corporate Capacity Building

In the public sphere, we design and implement national operating models, including interoperability frameworks between public and private service providers. This often includes the building of units, such as national cyber security centres (NCSCs), security operations centres (SOCs) and national cyber security incident response teams (CSIRTs) as well as developing and delivering training and exercise programmers for their staff, as well as awareness for the wider population.

In the private sphere, we help you build your capability to understand and overcome cyber threats. Our team of cyber and information security experts work with you to develop a cyber security programmer that enables business operations, not restricts them. Programmers are designed to cover governance, processes, technologies, metrics, culture change, crisis management and operational resilience.

SMART SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Industrial-strength search engine optimization. After strategy and content, it’s the most effective method we use for enabling changes to branded search results. 75% of users never visit the 2nd page of search results, so it’s important to make sure that every single result on the first page reflects positively on your organization.

We work with search engines, not against them. In order to make the results from any SEO campaign stick, it’s important not to use black hat techniques (keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects, link schemes, cloaking, etc.). Remember that re-engineering and improving your search results is usually possible, but it takes more than software and a few websites. Instead, it requires a human touch because machines like Google can smell other machines a mile away. Because our approach to SEO is organic and bespoke, rather than automated, our clients’ reputation strategies last as Google’s algorithms change over time.


ES-Defense experts are able to reinstate the reputation of a person or a company/organization/nation in order to enforce perceptual continuity without any influence from negative reviews and defamation.

As part of Crisis Management, ES-Defense provides integrated solutions for defending and protecting customers’ interests and ensuring favorable reputation. Your online presence is comprised of many different components namely your website, social media as well as third party outputs such as reviews or advertisements.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of controlling how your business is perceived online. This process includes monitoring your presence online and taking proactive steps to change anything, if necessary.